Every Thing Matters


By Jeffrey Qua, Senior Product Designer

Every thing matters.

There is no such thing as a small action. Consider every word, every step; consider anything and everything that you do. Every action you take is a complete expression of who you are and what you believe.

Every moment matters.

Every minute is precious. The moment you take your first breath the timer is running. Your time on this earth is limited.

As time is your most limited resource, consider every moment and project, and whether or not it helps you progress forward, or if it is a waste of time.

Make sure you are doing what makes you happy, because you’re never going to get that time back. Does this lead me forward?

“Is what I’m doing making me happy? Does it bring me fulfillment, joy or love?”

Be highly intentional. Ask that question. Always.

Everyone matters.

It is easy to judge blindly someone who has made a mistake, but it only serves to achieve a sense of self-righteousness or vindication. In these cases, challenge yourself to see if you have the moral fortitude to forgive someone for their actions whether it be right or wrong, in order to achieve something good out of something bad.

Be patient. Be kind. We all have faults.

No person is more important than another, and you should aspire to inspire others (and yourself) to be better.

Challenge yourself every day to rise above.

Don’t trust your emotions. Listen to it, but then ignore it. It is your interpretation of reality and is only as accurate being of your own perception. Nobody lives in the real world and we only live in our own reality based on what our senses tells us is real.

Open your heart and see it from the other person’s eyes. Feel what the other person is feeling before you speak a word. Speak with compassion; not with judgment.

Empathy leads to true understanding and allows you to effectively communicate with clarity and grace.

Every action matters.

Until your words result in action, all of your intentions, motivations, and inspirations are merely an illusion of will. Action is action and words are words.

Commit yourself to greatness by making sure every thing you do aligns with your values.

Don’t ever do anything that compromises your integrity. You will know it in your heart if you ever do anything that goes against your values, and it will erode your soul.

So if it’s worth doing, it is worth overdoing.

Be exceptional in your grand actions. Be exceptional in your small actions.

All in. All the way.

We are what we do.

No matter how large or how small.

Everything matters.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

— Will Durant